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Prayer Board






Prayer Board:


Date Prayer Request



Danny Stewart

Connie Harding

Peggy Ashley

Felicia Adcox

Moses Graham - brain surgery / cancer

Pat & Glen Peterson  

Mary and James Easley

Rufus Maddox

Don Wright

Patsy & Herman Walters, Ruby

Miranda Conyers

Debbie Lloyd - cancer recovery

Brianna Stephens

Maule Chase - Diabetes

Harold Banker  -

Beckie Graves  

Arlene & Mark Johnston

Joyce Gage - cancer

Betty Crooks - 

Loyd Spaugy / Betty Spaugy


Wade Smith - Grace Living Center (Bethany)


Mexico Mission Work & Preachers


India Mission Work & Preachers

Rona Hawkins

Wes & Louelle Goheen

Wayne & Lyn Milner

Braelen White - cancer - in remission - Thanksgiving

S.L. Shofner

Gordan Sjadin

Wayne & Lyn Milner

Gerald & Celeste Leach

Shankar and Kavitha (India)

From Men's Nov Prayer Breakfast

Usher David
Stewart Danny
Stephens Brianna
Sjadin Gordan
Milner Wayne & Lyn
Loyd Debbie
Leach Gerald /Celeste
Kavitha (India) Shankar &
Graves Beckie & Ray
Goheen Weslie & Louelle
Gage Joyce
Gage Richard
Doto Gayna
Crooks Mike & Betty
Ashley Peggy
Allen James
Vanderpool Melba
Spaugy Loyd and Betty
Smith  Wade
Shofner S.L.
Ramsey Frances
Peterson Glen and Pat
Maddox Rufus & Lorine
Johnson   Sammie
Hawkins Rona
Gage Charlyne
Crump Diane
Banker Harold
Ayres AJ & Betty
Elected Official
Banker Chris
Family Kermit Lynch
Families Sutherland Sprs
Graham Moses
Durrant Maddisen
Fly Ellen