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Prayer Board:

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William Anderson (heart attack);

Saydee Spaugy (Premature Birth);

Betty Spaugy;

Indian Evangelist Sai Krishna Yadav (broken collar bone), his wife, Laxmi, Hepsi Joy (3 yr) and Alex Judson (8 month).

Larry Fletcher Sr - Austin (Dementia)

Kala Stillwell (cancer)

Mike Heath and His Wife (Cancer)

Charley Cockrum

Bryan Christmas (cancer)

Roberto Lara (Preacher in Moroleon, Mexico - heart & back problems)

Alys and expected "Baby Summer"

Elizabeth Usher - Dementia

Rufus & Lorine Maddox

Peggy Ashley

Betty Estlinbaum

Fabiola Guitierrez (brain tumor)

Patricia Peterson (hospice)

F.G. Morrow

Helen Downing

Makram Ingly

S.L.  Shofner

Paty in Mexico - Parkinsons

Mexico Mission Work & Preachers


India Mission Work & Preachers

Shankar and Kavitha (India)

Hank Duckstad